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Audience with the Queen


Had a wonderful visit and lunch with Ellen and Alice today and it was amazing to catch up. Thanks ladies for the delightful company reminding me I do have a brain and can contribute.

I become so immersed in the minutia of the disease and the pain, recovery and next step, I forget there is life outside my bubble. Bubble though it may be it is all consuming and does take effort to deal with everything thrown at you. As I’ve said before I envy those able to work through this therapy and think of them as true heros.

My niece was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I know she too will rise from the ashes of despair and spread her wings to succeed at the battle she faces. I expect she will continue to work at her job and I know she will be one of my heros. To those working through, newly diagnosed and mostly to my dear sweet niece I send thoughts, prayers and love. Support is there, grab it with both hands every time you need it.

And when you feel better or just need a jump start from family or friends…call them and ask them to come over…they are being summoned to an audience with the Queen. Long live the Queen!


What is on Your Nightstand?


What’s next to your bed on your nightstand? A book, box of tissues, hand cream, phone charger cord, iPad, lamp, a pad and pen to record your dreams and brilliant ideas are a few of what one might find on many.

In this photo you can see what is currently on mine.
Can’t wait until it is empty!!!


Happy Campers picking Ida Reds



Tomato Tomaaaato


25 lbs of tomatoes later Miriam, Oz and I sliced diced, roasted and canned for a full day. Oz took to slicing tomatoes like nobody’s business. We demonstrated once, discussed safety, DON’T put your finger HERE, and he spent the better part of one hour slicing. Then as he does with everything else..I do it myself.

The expression on his face brought me more joy than I have felt in recent months. It’s even better than the photo. You could see the shear excitement, accomplishment and absolute confidence radiating on his whole little face. I saw his future at that moment fulfilling my dream of becoming a world class chef, he would carry on for me.


Eating Soup with a Plastic Spoon


I sat across from this lovely woman today and it was her LAST treatment before surgery. We started to chat and I asked her about the next drug I would get. I won’t get into the graphic detail of side effects, but I will share what she said about timing.

I told her the first half went so slow and she said it did for her as well…but after the half way point it just flew. She also told me that a trick to get past the metallic taste and make food taste better was to use plastic utensils….makes perfect sense. So with my last day of pretty good energy for a good while I made a fresh veggie soup with the rest of the Magic Miracle Broth from Mimi. I ate it with a present from Rich and Marge, a lime green spoon with a smiley face cut into it. Makes me laugh just to look at the silly thing, and the soup tasted really good. The leftover broth I drank out of the bowl. Any port in a storm right


Buzz Cut Baby

Buzz Cut Baby

Who would have imagined my 60th Birthday after my first chemo would turn out to be the best birthday ever.  I sat on the couch last night (still with hair) waiting for the kids to come over for Shabbat dinner along with Brent and Cory.  It was 4:30 and the phone rang and it was Josh.  He was on his way home and I was very proud of him for leaving work early and getting home to see Kalen and Reviva and have a wonderful Shabbat.  He said he was around the corner from home and how about he call me back and we could have face time with the babe!  Absolutely!

Two minutes later Tom walked in and I was delighted he’d come home early too and told him he was just in time to do face time with Reviva.  He said he needed to get something out of the car and I waited for the phone to ring.  I heard the door and Tom said did he call…I told him he wasn’t sure if Kalen was home, so he might not.  I turned around and there stood Josh, Kalen and Reviva.  I am rarely speechless…

I have a wonderful family.  This will without a doubt be the best birthday ever.

After Brent helped me “take control” of a small part of the chemo process and buzzed my hair– Reviva and I are truly kindred spirits–buzz cut baby!



Waiting for the first drug

Waiting for the first drug

The room or pod as they call it has 6 chairs, three on each side separated by partitions. The chairs are recliners (my Dad would be so happy, he had an intimate relationship with his Barcolounger!) with setting for massage and heat. There are heated blankets too.


This is what breast cancer looks like.

This is what breast cancer looks like.

My breast surgeon drew this for me at our first appointment. I always wondered what exactly was going on with breast cancer. The fuzzy round ball on my mammogram was clear enough, but this gave me a whole new perspective.


This is me….

This is me....

So what does breast cancer look like…


Preparing to lose my hair…Brent cuts it short.

Preparing to lose my hair...Brent cuts it short.

I didn’t want long chunks of hair falling out from Chemotherapy, so I had Brent cut it really short…those Wertheimer genes, I look like Marylyn and Mom!!!

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