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A Red Gem in the Garden

This was a good weekend one in which I accomplished things, visited with friends and felt somewhat human. It started with a good Friday thanks to Miriam and the kids. They came over for a visit and didn’t make it past the garden and into the house for over an hour. Miriam noticed what a mess my tomato plants were and started to pull them out and she didn’t stop there. She pulled and pruned and cleared and cleaned, got garbage bags and stuffed and filled…and didn’t stop until she was satisfied she’d made a dent in the mess. And I got right into it with her, me, the tired, complaining, neck aching, eye watering mess that I was started cutting dead foliage and lifting up the crazy patchwork of raspberry vines that bore no fruit but spread vines throughout the garden.

Suddenly Zelda yelled “Grammie, whats that red thing?” I lifted a raspberry branch, a good four feet long and at the very end was a cluster of 40 or 50 little brown raspberry buds and one bright red gem hanging at the end. It was a perfect red ripe berry. In the gloom and morass of chemo therapy, here I was having a wonderful time working in the garden with Miriam, Zelda and Oz and we discovered a prize, a gleaming jewel not supposed to be there.

Zelda of course wanted to pick and eat it immediately, as did I, and I suggested she give it one more day to ripen actually hoping there would be a second for Oz. She agreed and we went on to finish our work. We cleared and pulled up four five foot raspberry vines each fell heavy with unripe raspberries hanging from the tips. We staked each up to rise toward the sun and hope they would be filled with red gems in the coming weeks. I felt alive again, a part of my life came back, I have been letting chemo overshadow who I am and what I love. Thanks to a red gem in the garden I am going to try to not waste days feeling awful or tired, but try and accomplish something each day and take control of the chemo instead of letting the chemo control me. I’ll give it my best shot anyway.

And our patience was worthwhile, the next morning, there were SIX ripe raspberries on the bush. I called Miriam and she brought Zelda over for a special treat, we each got a berry, Miriam, me, Popop and Zelda ate the rest. There were more this morning when I checked, so plenty for Oz and Sam too!

it’s the little things in life that can pull us up short and remind us to dig out of the morass of whatever it is we are bogged down in and smile and enjoy. How lucky I am that Zelda spotted the tiny red gem in the garden.

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