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Another day another IV

Today is my Herceptin infusion and it’s the first infusion I’ve come to all by myself. Seemly not a big deal but it’s the small steps and simple things that remind me of how lucky I am on this crazy journey. As I sit and write I am interrupted by two police officers walking into the women’s cancer unit. What would be the first thing to come to your mind as the reason two police would come here?
A parking infraction?
An accident?
Someone died?
They stopped at the front desk and then in walked three more police surrounding a humongous bald man in a mustard colored jumpsuit hands and feet shackled with chains. They walked him into the back and all I could think was hmmm.

Of course prisoners get sick, get cancers and need treatments, but until one walked right in front of me I’d never given it much thought, or any thought. Men, women, children, friends, family, personalities, fighting cancer and thousands of people walking for cancer, but never have I considered being incarcerated with cancer. I cannot imagine getting one of the ACT or Taxetere infusions and then heading back to the comfort of my 6×6 cell-at least the toilet is close.

Food at prisons is not the best and i don’t imagine they cater to your needs should you find what they are serving unpalatable. Nor would they be willing to serve you 6-8 small meals during the day. All in all glad I am free to come and go as I please, drive myself to treatments.
Another day another IV!

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