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Traveling with Tom

What has changed since my diagnosis with Breast Cancer? Traveling with Tom has changed.  Now able to travel again the tables have turned somewhat and now Tom worries about me.  Are you too tired, can you do this, do you want to do this, be careful, are you hungry? Are you sure comes at the end of many sentences and to most things I answer, don’t worry I am fine.  I am mostly fine, I tire more easily and unfortunately have gotten many more migraines in the last few months than I’ve had in the last few years but other than that I am good to go.

I still worry about Tom.  I watch his step, look at where we are walking, warn him of steps, lunge after him when he doesn’t see a car, look both ways multiple times before crossing a street and watch him during meals.  He still has swallowing issues and chokes so I am constantly saying, are you OK? Do you need water?  He is constantly worried about what I can eat at a restaurant, I always say don’t worry I can always get salad.   I am constantly worried when he eats at any restaurant that he might choke and he always says, I’m fine.

He worries walking to far will tire me out, I worry walking to far he might get tired and miss a step and trip and fall.  It is a comedy of sorts, a loving comedy of concern and love for each other and our infirmities.   In reality nothing has changed, Tom has always been concerned about me, now it just has a medical issue added.  I have always worried about Tom and now it’s knowing what could happen since it did happen and wanting it never to happen again.

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