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What a Fabulous Day!

What a Fabulous Day Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened vanilla organic almond milk

1 cup organic frozen strawberries

2 T organic agave

1/2 banana

1 cup assorted leftover fruit in frig, berries, pineapple etc

1 cup fresh organic kale

Blend and enjoy.

The sun is shining and I am alive, what a fabulous day!  My kids and grandkids are healthy and my hubby loves his job, what a fabulous day!  My niece made it through 12 hours of surgery, is out of the ICU and doing well, what a fabulous day!  I have radiation and major surgery to finish this cancer therapy, but I don’t care, what a fabulous day!

I was brightened this morning with a phone call from Josh.  He calls almost everyday either on the way to work or on the way home from work.  Today was a “bluebird sky” day in Jackson, WY and while we chatted he saw two otters having a high old-time slipping and sliding and diving in the defrosted stream.  In my mind’s eye I could see them just having a blast and reveling in the spring thaw and cool or COLD water rushing over their dense fir.  Then he saw a swarm of snow buntings (birds) -20 or so -dashing and diving, swerving and banking back and forth in front of him on the road.  He mumbled about loving his job, loving it there, and loving his life, what a fabulous day.

He told me about a group he is helping lead this week, 30 ethnically diverse high school students from all over, many from inner cities, brought out to learn about jobs in the national park service.  The national park service is not diverse and they are trying to change that, kudos to them.  These kids flew in last night to cold temps in the single digits, huddled deep in their coats, hands shoved deep in their pockets and darkness so complete you could barely see your hand in front of your face.  They were probably freaking out thinking what have I gotten myself into… After Josh and I marveled at what he’d seen, the blue sky, the mountains starting to  explode against the crystal clear backdrop, he said; “these kids are waking up after being cloaked in darkness and trepidation last night and looking out the windows and seeing this, how amazing is that!”

I would love to have been there, a fly on the wall, as these young kids got their first view of the day, their surroundings, the excitement and the wonder, you can’t help it out there, its transformational.

I live vicariously through Josh on these phone calls when he sees something, hears something, or is stopped by a bison(s) crossing the road.  I feel as if I am there and can’t wait to get back to experience it myself.

Buoyed by my Jackson fix I did a bunch of stuff around the house and sat and had my organic, vegan fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast.  I filled out a questionnaire from UPMC Cancer Center about the care I have received thus far from the cancer center.   I thought about the last 10 months and what I’ve gone through, what my niece is going through and like the view of the Tetons rising from the ground to meet the sky, suddenly realized, I feel great today, what a fabulous day.  I am done with chemo, that was awful, but I am done, I am done with three surgeries and have one more, almost done and I have radiation, but I feel great today, even with the discomfort of the surgery, the skin expander, I feel great.

I am so lucky, I am so lucky, and Reviva can now say Ghee…what a fabulous day!

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