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I Can Pinch My Hair


This is a photo from the Grodanz Wedding.  There is Stuart with not a hair on his head, Ang far right with just a little growth, me in the turquoise with a shiny head and Stu’s sister Ellen with a bit more hair.  A handsome quartet of minimal hair!!!

Everyone keeps telling me my hair is growing back. They all say, “wow look at all the fuzz” and I just look in the mirror and don’t see much of anything. Then last night I was sitting there rubbing my head as I oft do now and I tried to pinch the hair. Until now I couldn’t pinch a thing, there was a small growth of stubble but nothing more to indicate the hair is actually GROWING. Last night I grabbed hair I actually got a grip and pinched my hair. What a revelation — it is actually growing back. I rushed into the bathroom and got the magnifying mirror and yes there is a smooth even fur all over my head. If it could just keep me warm…

Having no hair has been a life altering experience. I jump in the shower shampoo my scalp jump out, get dressed and I am ready to go. No bad hair days, no worries about hat head, no scheduling haircuts or dye appointments, no cost, no hair in the sink, in the drain, in the brush or in the eyes, no hair stuck in bands, no blustery day hair, no hairdo ruined from rain or snow. I love it. The downside is I am cold. Sitting in the house if the heat is not high enough I walk around with a cap or a hood. Going out without something on my head now is unthinkable, to cold. Not only cold but even if I wear a hat the cold goes right down my back.

Doesn’t matter, none of it, because I can pinch my hair!

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