A recipe for living with cancer.


Welcome to The Cake’s Not Ready to Bake Yet! A recipe for living with cancer.  I am Barbara Kleyman, I am a Mom, Grammie, Wife, Sister, Aunt and Friend (all important enough for CAPS!).  I am a Chef, a masters student, writer, dog lover, guitar player, lover of travel, art, music, wildlife, hiking, adventure and I live to eat. I am also currently  a breast cancer patient.  To the medical community helping me deal with this, I am a number, a patient file, an insurance claim, an appointment, a test, a statistic and  as asked by every tech, nurse, pa and person involved with my care: “please spell your last name…K-L-E-Y-M-A-N…and your birthdate…OK let’s go.”

This blog is for me, my family, my friends and for you, who may face the fear and unknown landscape with the diagnosis of breast cancer for you or a loved one. I may have some insights for you, some recipes to help you through some tough times, and some recipes that are just darn yummy, laughter and tears and maybe even some pretty pictures.  I guess I am here to TESTIFY my SISTERS AND BROTHERS!  We each need something to help us through and this will help me.  And  if I can help one person feel better, understand, laugh or know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, what more could I ask for in life!

The title of this blog does have a story and I will post it next.

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