A recipe for living with cancer.

When we went to the surgical center this morning it was a reunion of sorts. First up was check in where I filled out a form, spelled my entire name, recited my birthdate, allergies, why I was there, and no I was not staying overnight. Then Tom was handed a form and the same beeper/responder you receive at a restaurant to let you know your table is ready. In a surgical center it goes off when your loved one is out of surgery. She handed these items to Tom and instead of the usual instructions she merely said, “you know the drill!”

I then was called to registration where again spell your name, birthdate…all the same info…and are given a wristband with your name and birthdate -“please check the spelling etc.”- this individual looked at me and said, “you were just here, what are you doing back so soon? ”

Then into preop where nurse Doreen -who was my nurse the last time- saw me and immediately said, “hi, what are you doing here?” it is naturally wonderful to be recognized and welcomed back unless it’s in the surgical center when you are returning for an oops!

I am doing fine, discomfort, some pain and knowing the last piece of visible cancer is gone. I hope the next time I am recognized in the surgical center the discussion will be like the song from Cheers

Hi everybody.

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