A recipe for living with cancer.

They hurt!
Uncomfortable doesn’t cover it when it comes to skin expanders and the addition of more saline. Its difficult to explain the feeling but I think I’ve come up with a few different examples that might ring a bell with most.
There is no incision pain because the entire breast is numb to the touch. According to the surgeon this will go on for a few months. The residual pain from the surgery is caused by the edges of the skin expanders all around where I have sensation and feels like something is sticking me in the chest which it is. I can deal with this, it’s the pressure from the saline expanding the skin that makes me cringe.

Ladies who have breast fed…remember the sensation when your milk came in and your breasts were so uncomfortable, tight, and feeling as if they may burst? The relief came as the baby nursed and relieved the pressure of the milk in the ducts. Well think of that sensation with no relief, no let down, no release, just pressure…oy. I must wear a good sports bra during the day and at night and I sometimes feel like I just want to scream. A couple days before the next injection of saline it begins to ease up….and starts again. Thank goodness only one more.

For you fellas…think about over-eating on thanksgiving or any holiday dinner where you cannot swallow another bite and your stomach feels like it will bust. You are wearing a tight pair of pants and cannot open a button, or loosen your belt, or lay down and relax, your innie belly button has popped out you are so full. It doesn’t digest and you wake up the next day feeling exactly the same way, like your belly will bust. This is how skin expanders feel.

Simple huh!

BTW I will need radiation therapy as it turns out. The radiologist was coherent, smart and logical and everything he said for getting radiation therapy made sense. If there is any sense in irradiating a portion of the body every day for six weeks. Hmmmmm.

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