A recipe for living with cancer.

After my third doctor’s appointment in two days…I wish they would talk to each other. Breast surgeon should talk to oncologist should talk to the plastic surgeon to the radiologist.

Here is the story:
Breast surgeon does sentinel node biopsy, one node has cancer. She says I will need radiation therapy. She tells/indicates this in notes and plastic surgeon suggests based on this information to postpone reconstruction, put in expanders and will do reconstruction 6+ months after radiation treatment has healed. Better outcome all the way around.

Tom wanted to wait until we talked to oncologist for interpretation of node biopsy information before surgery… two scheduled appointments cancelled and none available until after surgery.
Surgery done and appointment with oncologist on the 22nd, and the radiologist the first of February.

Today met with oncologist, he said based on the node biopsy, he would go either way with getting radiation He’s fine if I don’t do radiation therapy, and fine if I decide to. I should talk to radiologist, then decide. Uh huh, I can decide. He gave us stats and studies and it looks similar either way for reoccurrence.

Yes, you guessed it, I could have had the reconstruction surgery two weeks ago and been finished.
I am not saying I am 100% certain I am not going to have radiation, i will wait to see the doc and discuss the decision with Tom and the oncologist; but it is an option I should have been able to chose before surgery.

My guess is the radiologist will suggest radiation, we will see. But I wish these docs would talk to each other!

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