A recipe for living with cancer.


Had a wonderful visit and lunch with Ellen and Alice today and it was amazing to catch up. Thanks ladies for the delightful company reminding me I do have a brain and can contribute.

I become so immersed in the minutia of the disease and the pain, recovery and next step, I forget there is life outside my bubble. Bubble though it may be it is all consuming and does take effort to deal with everything thrown at you. As I’ve said before I envy those able to work through this therapy and think of them as true heros.

My niece was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I know she too will rise from the ashes of despair and spread her wings to succeed at the battle she faces. I expect she will continue to work at her job and I know she will be one of my heros. To those working through, newly diagnosed and mostly to my dear sweet niece I send thoughts, prayers and love. Support is there, grab it with both hands every time you need it.

And when you feel better or just need a jump start from family or friends…call them and ask them to come over…they are being summoned to an audience with the Queen. Long live the Queen!


Comments on: "Audience with the Queen" (2)

  1. You are truly a queen. Your kind words are heartening!

  2. There is nothing better than being summoned, especially when the Queen’s other friends provide all the lunch and you still walk out the door with chocolate. But best of all was seeing you looking vital, with a sweet crew cut, and lots of good things to say. I conclude that I will not, however, be buying any $1700 dog books, tiny dogs for my kids, or firearms. Maybe see you in a week?!

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