A recipe for living with cancer.

Lost My Whistle

I went to call Sophie from upstairs and used the kissing sound and “come girl.”  I never got to the “come girl” part because I couldn’t make the kissing sound.  How odd that I pursed my lips and couldn’t get the sound out, then out of curiosity I tried to whistle and I couldn’t.  What the heck?  Why in the world can’t I whistle any more.

The only answer I can come up with is I suffer from dry mouth with these drugs but never thought much about it until today.  Dry mouth is an odd feeling of no saliva flowing in your mouth causing one to drink and drink and drink and still feel like there is no liquid.  It is a problem which can cause tooth decay and mouth sores, but with a virgorous mouth cleansing routine multiple times a day I’ve been pretty good.  There is dry mouth toothpaste, mouthwash, gum and spray all of which I have on hand and use multiple times a day.  Dry mouth is annoying but I didn’t think it caused any other problems until I realized I’d lost my whistle.

I can still do that ear splitting loud whistle by putting my fingers in my mouth and curling my tongue back but I can’t whistle while I work, or whistle a happy tune or whistle a cat call if I happen to seen a really attractive gentleman.  OK the last one is silly, but when Tom gets dressed up and looks really good I often do a cat call whistle for him!

There was a guy in Key West Linda introduced us to a few years ago, Whistling Tom, who whistles classical music, pop tunes, he even has a CD, now if he lost his whistle it would be serious, but what difference does it make if I’ve lost my whistle?  It doesn’t it just adds insult to injury. I’ve lost my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, I’ve lost my ability to taste, I’ve lost my joy of eating, I’ve lost my health, I’ve lost normal looking fingernails (and may lose the nails), I’ve lost my stamina, I will lose my breasts and now I’ve lost my whistle.

When all is said and done and I get everything back I will happily once again whistle.


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