A recipe for living with cancer.

This week chemo kicked my butt.  The Taxotere side effects were different and a bit alarming but today I feel a bit better. The first couple days were nothing unusual but day three and I thought the earth had fallen out beneath me the fatigue was so bad.  The really awful part was lying down was painful, joints, muscles, bones, even my head and scalp hurt. It was once again in waves much like the Neulasta pain, but it didn’t ease up and I couldn’t sit up for long and laying down was no picnic either.

Then the itching started, first on my arms and I ignored it, at this time of year with the transition from air conditioning to heat my skin usually reacts and gets a little itchy, this was different.  The itching moved to my hands and other places and I have not been able to stop scratching no matter how I try.  This is one of the side effects women talk about and I am hoping it will ease up with time.  I had tucked away in the corner of my brain, “this won’t be so bad” everyone said so, my PCP the nurses, “this is not as toxic as the first batch.”  Bad is relative and maybe this is a tactic to ease you into the next series of infusions with as much calm as possible, I’m not sure. I am sure that I’ve scratched one small section of my hand raw and am trying not to do the same to the other hand.  I still have neuropathy, weight gain, and more fatigue to look forward to, I can do this.

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