A recipe for living with cancer.

Two Eggs Over Easy, On Toast

Sometimes it just the simple things. I’ve been having difficulty eating lately, And no as absurd as this whole journey is I’ve not lost a ton of weight, two pounds maybe. The totally surrealistic part is that each time I go in for an infusion I get weighed and I weigh exactly the same as the day I was first diagnosed in May, no lie. I get on this scale with a digital readout, no wiggle room there, and think…oh I must have lost 5 maybe 6 pounds and I look at the number and it is exactly the same. For someone who was and will always be obsessed with weight I am pissed, annoyed and want to eat a hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream right then and there, which of course would taste like crap!! What a rip off right? Go through all of this awful stuff, food tastes like paste and all I’ve got to show for it is a bald head! I know it’s killing the cancer!

Back to something simple. My newest addition to my ever-growing list of reactions to chemo is indigestion and heartburn. I’ve had some intermittently but the last few days it has been constant.

This morning I was hungry but for the life of me could not figure out what to eat which might not give me heartburn, yoghurt, cereal, leftover pasta and sauce (ahhh, no not that), oatmeal, then it hit me like a lightning bold, two eggs over easy with toast. Something I have not had in years doing this veganish diet (a vegan who eats fish, I don’t like pescatarian, sounds like someone getting a little to pesky) and something that seemed very comforting indeed.

I had plain white bread in the freezer and put two slices in the toaster. I put smart balance in my pan and brought it to a gentle sizzle and gentle dropped two orange yolked little balls into the pan. I am a stickler with eggs, low and slow~~ I don’t like burnt rubbery whites, or hard as a rock yolks. Just when the whites turn from cloudy to pure white I gently swirl the pan to make sure there is no sticking and with a quick, throw, pull and lift- flip them over for another 30 seconds or so. Perfect, oops, one yolk broke I am a bit out of practice. Gently slip on to buttered toast, sprinkle with a bit of pink Himalayan sea salt, fold in half and voila.
The yolk breaks, yellow gold oozing out the side and I am satiated. It was comforting I could actually taste a bit and I was totally satisfied. It’s the simple things, two eggs over easy on toast.


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