A recipe for living with cancer.

What Tastebuds ?

If there was any question about my loss of taste it was proven gone today.  Things have not been tasting great and for the first time ever I found myself saying I hate food and hate to eat.  This coming from a diehard live to eat person.  Well my first clue was homemade chili Miriam brought for dinner…didn’t taste a thing and Sam was worried it was to spicy!  

Then today we sat down for lunch and Miriam found a jar of McClures pickles in the frig Charlie and Taylor send us.  Now pickles I can taste so we got them out.  Miriam took out the first pickle, took a bite and started to huff and howl and she looked at the jar and said omg these are spicy!  It took her a good 5 minutes with nose running and drinking to be ok.  I am not good with spicy stuff…I usually cough up a lung, sneeze uncontrollably and my nose and eyes run.. Ordinarily I wouldn’t even consider trying them. But…since my taste buds are out of whack, what the heck. I took a big ole chomp of a pickle, chewed and swallowed…and I could feel a littl bit of heat but not even afill inch.  I finished the rest of the pickle.  Crazy huh!  Maybe I should go do one of the spicy wing contests?  Nah I’ll pass, I just want my Tastebuds back.


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