A recipe for living with cancer.


I sat across from this lovely woman today and it was her LAST treatment before surgery. We started to chat and I asked her about the next drug I would get. I won’t get into the graphic detail of side effects, but I will share what she said about timing.

I told her the first half went so slow and she said it did for her as well…but after the half way point it just flew. She also told me that a trick to get past the metallic taste and make food taste better was to use plastic utensils….makes perfect sense. So with my last day of pretty good energy for a good while I made a fresh veggie soup with the rest of the Magic Miracle Broth from Mimi. I ate it with a present from Rich and Marge, a lime green spoon with a smiley face cut into it. Makes me laugh just to look at the silly thing, and the soup tasted really good. The leftover broth I drank out of the bowl. Any port in a storm right

Comments on: "Eating Soup with a Plastic Spoon" (1)

  1. Rebecca Kleyman said:

    Barb…keep it going…your strength is amazing…I am so proud to be your sister! Beck

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