A recipe for living with cancer.

Benefits of Being Bald

I wake up every morning and look in the mirror and there is that momentary shock-I’m bald. It takes me a moment or two to readjust and then I continue with my day. But each time I pass a mirror I have that same momentary shock. It’s similar to what I might feel getting a perm, or new hair color, or a drastically different haircut, with one very dramatic difference, I don’t have to worry about the kind of hair day I am having.

You all know what I am talking about, a good hair day or bad hair day, should I put on a hat -but then I’ll have to leave the hat on because I’ll have HAT hair? Being bald circumvents all of that mental rubbish we slog through each day. Our hair has an incredible amount of influence on how we feel act and portray ourselves.

On a good hair day we feel confident, outgoing, we rise to the occasion and whatever we are wearing it looks good. On a bad hair day, we shrink from contact, hide our hair, make excuses, and no matter what we are wearing it looks bad, it’s uncomfortable and think everyone notices our discomfort. Being bald requires no thought each day, wash, don’t wash, up, back, down, it’s just get out of the shower and go.

The other thing I’ve noticed is I forget I am bald during the course of the day…and when I chat with others they look up at my head occasionally…and not until I pass my reflection do I realize they were looking at my baldness. But they were not looking because I was having a bad hair day.


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