A recipe for living with cancer.

Coach Tom

Tom has become my new coach, I think the Olympics may have something to do with it. He has been encouraging me to exercise everyday but I have been stubborn, whimping out and slacking off. I’ve used the excuse of being tired, not feeling well and just not willing to do it. I know better and he knows I know better. The one thing about cancer is it gives you that excuse.

Over the years I have run with colds, headaches, body pains, knee pains, no pain no gain. I’ve run in the rain, the snow, the heat, at altitude, all of it, but cancer has been a great excuse to be a slug. BAD CANCER.

I need to get back that drive, that desire to feel better even if I am tired. Granted there will be some days I will still be a slug, but I need to get back the mental attitude along with battling cancer. Its hard after therapy thinking about what is going on in my body, all the good cells being destroyed and I keep harping on this in many of my posts. I just can’t get past the fact good cells dividing in my body, heart, lung, stomach, brain, liver, everywhere are becoming the victims. I do need to exercise more then at least I will think about other things.
Coach Tom will see to it!

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