A recipe for living with cancer.

Buzz Cut Baby

Who would have imagined my 60th Birthday after my first chemo would turn out to be the best birthday ever.  I sat on the couch last night (still with hair) waiting for the kids to come over for Shabbat dinner along with Brent and Cory.  It was 4:30 and the phone rang and it was Josh.  He was on his way home and I was very proud of him for leaving work early and getting home to see Kalen and Reviva and have a wonderful Shabbat.  He said he was around the corner from home and how about he call me back and we could have face time with the babe!  Absolutely!

Two minutes later Tom walked in and I was delighted he’d come home early too and told him he was just in time to do face time with Reviva.  He said he needed to get something out of the car and I waited for the phone to ring.  I heard the door and Tom said did he call…I told him he wasn’t sure if Kalen was home, so he might not.  I turned around and there stood Josh, Kalen and Reviva.  I am rarely speechless…

I have a wonderful family.  This will without a doubt be the best birthday ever.

After Brent helped me “take control” of a small part of the chemo process and buzzed my hair– Reviva and I are truly kindred spirits–buzz cut baby!



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  1. I ADORE that picture…so much joy and love. So much…

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