A recipe for living with cancer.

Yesterday was an awful day. Day 9 after chemo and I woke feeling tired and worrying about a blood test I needed. Not worried about the needle but about the results of the test. This is the point at which the chemo has wiped out lots of good cells, especially the white blood cells which protect the body from infection. But never fear Neulasta is here, the magic drug that kickstarts the bone marrow into producing new white blood cells faster. Downside of Neulasta is bone pain. But I was golden, I’d gotten the Neulasta 9 days ago and not a twinge of pain. The expression “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”, well it’s a lie, what I didn’t know about Nuelasta HURT me.

I had a meeting with Kelsey and made it through fine and did a few errands, my mistake. The few errands which normally were no problem proved to be over the top during chemo.
I took a nap and was awakened by a painful sensation starting in my hips feeling like waves flowing up my spine to the base of my neck and radiating around front through my ribs and up to my chest.
It was a painful massage flowing bottom to top, continuously.

Long story short after a few hours Tom got me pain meds and got it under control. I get mean, obstinate and nasty when in pain, really –ask Tom.

Talking to the doc today we got some strong prescription pain meds, found out my white count is seriously low and discovered that the Neulasta kicks in when the white count is at its nadir. I wouldn’t have bone pain UNTIL my white count was down. Now I need to hunker down, not get any infections and monitor my temp so I don’t need to make a trip to the hospital.

Today was my DO OVER day. My nephew is visiting, I’ve been resting, visiting, doing oral histories of my family for him (he is an Archivist and recording it and he loves to do transcriptions) and not going anywhere. I will get another blood test to see if my counts are good and can do the next round of chemo July 12.

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