A recipe for living with cancer.

The answer to this question seems simple, of course we  know what our spouse likes.  My husband eats a specific type of cereal with non-fat milk, every morning for breakfast.  He then cuts a grapefruit in half, carefully cuts around each wedge and eats it.  Some mornings he will make himself a latte with same non fat milk, heated in the microwave for a minute and pours two times through the same espresso grounds.  Lunch is a banana, a non fat fage  yoghurt (honey is his fav) and a homemade cupcake from the freezer.  Vanilla cake (recipe below)  with chocolate icing made from melted dark chocolate, nothing else added just chocolate forming a hard shell.

Does he know me as well?  He thinks he does.  I am no where near as predictable in my food habits so I give him direction when he asks what I would like.  These last two days have been doozies, tired and bone pain and just plain out of sorts.  When he offered to go to the grocery store I readily accepted and asked him to pick up a couple things.  Two in particular, a carton of egg whites so I could make egg white omelets and some Inari for dinner.  The Inari was perfect and I saw a container of something in the frig and he happily told me he had gotten the correct container of Almond Milk  this time.  The last container was not organic and although I prefer to use organic ingredients, especially now during cancer treatment, I told him not to worry.


For some bizarre reason I wanted cornmeal pancakes this morning so I headed downstairs to make them.  I took out the container of eggwhites and the almond milk.  I started to pour the eggwhites into the measuring cup when I realized they were yellow and reading the package  saw they were egg replacements.  I picked up the almond milk and saw Vanilla, but no unsweetened anywhere on the package.  Checking the ingredients the second was corn syrup.  I put them back and separated an egg and used rice milk in the recipe and it was fine.

When I mentioned to him the error he swore he had gotten the right things and when he came home carefully and thouroughly checked each package.   I had to laugh to myself at how often I am in the grocery store and how easily I navigate through it and hardly have to think twice about what I am picking up–  I could probably go through blind folded and come out with most of my items.  My hubby probably spent a lot of time trying to pick out those eggwhites and almond milk,  and I love him for taking the time to get what I like.


Yes, I know what my spouse likes and he knows what I like too, a man who tries hard and loves me, even if I am tired, grouchy and just out of sorts.


Egg replacement omlete anyone?







Comments on: "Do You Know What Your Spouse Likes?" (1)

  1. 🙂 This made me giggle. I would do the same if Cory sent me.

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