A recipe for living with cancer.

Last night was not so bad, headache, queasy very uncomfortable and nervous that I wouldn’t fall asleep.  I took a Zyrtec and miraculously fell asleep.  I woke up feeling somewhat normaL.The issue seems to be food, yup food.  When I eat even small quantities it makes me queasy and I ate some chocolate and it tasted funky (the chocolate chip cookie Cory!).Chocolate my go to comfort food that I love, love,love and it doesn’t taste good.

Hope this goes away the third week after the injection when I am supposed to be feeling normal so I can have some.  I have this therapy for the next 24 weeks, then it takes a while for everything settle back to normal. Can you even imagine not eating CHOCOLATE for all that time.

Actually I can, I didn’t eat chocolate for 25 years.  I started having migraines at 12 years old.  My Mom had them, my brother had them and if you are lucky enough to never having experienced one be very, very happy.  I have the classic migraine starting with a spot of light in the center of your visions that shimmers in a zigzag pattern.  It spreads and you can’t see, and when it finally expands out of

your vision the pain starts, immediately.

Chocolate was always considered a culprit in the triggering of migraines, as was red wine and certain cheeses.  At 25 after a few bad bouts with migraines I gave up chocolate…for the next 25 years, one of which was spent in Switzerland, land of cows, cheese and chocolates.  They have a dedicated aisle in the grocery store just for chocolate.  I spent a year in Switzerland and did not eat one piece of chocolate, lots of wine and cheese, but no chocolate.

I still had migraines over  those years…but I stayed away from chocolate until I was 52 .  After  a crushing two year period of cluster migraines and almost killing my liver with massive doses of Tylenol and Advil, a brilliant Neurologist got me through it.  The first appointment he informed me I’d spent the last 25 years avoiding one of the things they had absolutely proven do not cause migraines, chocolate.  I left the office and went out and bought a chocolate bar and have not looked back since.

My mission, find chocolate that tastes gooduring chemo, a tough job but someone has to do it!


Comments on: "When Chocolate Tastes Funky" (1)

  1. Hi Barb! I’ll store up the chocolate here in NJ and ship it to you when you’re ready for it…I’m “back on chocolate”…migraines be damned.
    Stay strong…we’re in your corner.

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