A recipe for living with cancer.

The Evil First Drug


Here is the evil first drug which is pushed through the IV by hand.  Very very red, like Koolaid, I am drinking the Koolaid, OMG. Red used to be my favorite color, I may have to amend that. They do this by hand so they can carefully monitor it as it goes in and make sure there is no leakage at the site of IV insertion.  That’s because this stuff is so corrosive it will eat away at the tissue and make a terrible mess!  They repeat multiple times…if you feel a burning sensation at the IV site tell us immediately…how good could this be for my poor little cells that don’t have cancer!!  I was lucky it went in without incident and I was on to drug number 2.  An innocuous small pouch of clear liquid that flowed in smoothly over the course of 30 minutes. BTW said the nurse, this one can cause terrible sinus congestion after a couple of doses but we have ice packs to put on your face.  So much for innocuous.

Before I even started they gave me anti nausea medication and some steroids to help with any side effects.  Without batting an eye I popped them all in my mouth and took a slug of water to wash them down.  I now have four different drugs running around my cells doing good things and bad things and hopefully the right things.  Tomorrow I get a shot of another drug to help my bone marrow produce more white blood cells as they are being destroyed by the chemo drugs.  Science is amazing, a little scary and complicated. Do they really know what they are doing, hence the phrase, Doctors PRACTICE medicine!

The only discomfort I had today was the IV insertion oucha magoucha and the cold.  The liquids going through your arm are so cold it is actually painful, hence the lovely heated blankets which they will replace as often as you like. Tom said in the dialysis units they warm the fluids before using them, hey, cancer center, got that…WARM the FLUIDS!

At the moment I feel OK, tired, a little weird which I cannot explain, and a bit nervous for what the next week will hold. The women sitting in the other chairs in the pod, since you sit directly across from one another, are chatty and sharing and at different stages.  It was good to hear what to expect from someone going through it and be able to laugh and commiserate. 

With any luck the first meds will keep the stomach issues at bay for three days just in time for the fatigue to set in on day four. 

Ah, the anticipation of things to come.




Comments on: "The Evil First Drug" (2)

  1. First step …hang tough!

  2. Aw sweets…I am glad to read that the quirky Barb from culinary school is still there. Let me know when you are up to it and I will drive to 150 miles from Canal Fulton, OH to bring you some chocolate from our Gourmet Chocolate shop, White, Dark, what ever your heart desires. 🙂

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