A recipe for living with cancer.

An odd name for a blog on cancer.

When I learned I had BC and needed a mastectomy my initial reaction was: get it out, get it out now,  just take off my breast and lets get this therapy going. But we had to wait for all the tests to come back.  This didn’t really set well with me, we know it’s cancer, we know I need a mastectomy, just do it, the rest of the tests don’t make a difference here…get it out now!

Then I went to the Breast Surgeon and she said and I will paraphrase:

You are a Chef think of it this way: you are baking a cake and you get all your ingredients together and you are missing one or two ingredients.  You are going to need to go get them, go to the grocery store so think of this surgery the same way, we don’t have all the pieces together to move forward, so “the cake is not ready to bake yet!”

I wonder if I am carrot, chocolate or vanilla cake?




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